Doing Politics Differently
The Report of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland

Annex Three: Kate Wimpress, Convener

Kate Wimpress, Convener

Kate is a third sector leader who has trained in fine art. She has worked for art organisations across Northern Ireland and Scotland since 1990.

Currently Kate is the Director of North Edinburgh Arts, which provides opportunities for individual and community development through contact with the professional arts. The organisation is active in the local regeneration process, advocating the role of the artist and creativity as positive forces within the dynamic of a community in flux.

She is also Chair of Scotland’s Regeneration Forum (SURF) and sits on the boards of Tinderbox Orchestra and North Edinburgh Childcare. Previously she led Edinburgh’s Capital City Partnership Arts For Inclusion programme.

Kate is particularly interested in how art can change the public realm and public imagination, working with artists whose practice takes them beyond the boundaries of the institution, studio or theatre.