Doing Politics Differently
The Report of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland

Annex Nine: Vision statements prepared in weekend 2


In weekend 2, members developed 67 statements on the country that they are seeking to build, representing the breadth of views on the Assembly’s vision for Scotland.

Vision statements

The country we are seeking to build will:

  1. …a healthier Scotland services and community
  2. …be a beautiful place where people would love to visit
  3. …be a country of high moral values
  4. …be a country that other countries will want to follow
  5. …be a fair and progressive country
  6. …be a fair and socially just society for all
  7. …be a productive Scotland
  8. …be a prosperous and financially secure country
  9. …be a safe country
  10. …be a sustainable society where we balance our environmental, economic and social impact for the good of the country and its citizens
  11. …be accountable, transparent and professional by providing informed information to the people
  12. …be adaptive to a changing world
  13. …be an amazing place to live
  14. …be Brexit free
  15. …be critical of its nationalism
  16. …be democratic, fair, honest, transparent and inclusive
  17. …be free of nuclear weapons
  18. …be free of poverty
  19. …be free of street weapons
  20. …be fully self-governed
  21. …be innovative, like being a leader in broadband
  22. …be kind and thoughtful
  23. …be more community-minded
  24. …be respectful and flourishing
  25. …be respectful, welcoming and inclusive
  26. …be socially responsible, taking care of the most vulnerable in society
  27. …be supportive of the vulnerable and elderly in society
  28. …be the envy of the world
  29. …be tolerant and respectful
  30. …be welcoming and treat all people equally
  31. …build enough amenities at the same time as homes
  32. …citizens that take personal responsibility about their community and environment
  33. …create more jobs
  34. …deliver on its priorities with integrity
  35. …encourage and support all citizens to reach their full potential throughout their lives
  36. …enhance your family lives for the future
  37. …ensure a future for younger generations
  38. …ensure councils operate standardised policies
  39. …ensure everyone feels they can ask for help if needed and know where to go
  40. …get the oil flowing in the North Sea
  41. …have a duty to individuals, groups and the nation as a whole, in hardship and in ease
  42. …have a football team that can reach the world cup finals
  43. …have a government that will treat the population with fairness, compassion and transparency
  44. …have a greater and stronger state pension
  45. …have a positive attitude of our capacities as a nation (of inventors)
  46. …have a set of societal values free from prejudice and bias
  47. …have a strong and stable public service for all
  48. …have an honest and accountable government
  49. …have better incomes and a better living wage to reduce poverty
  50. …have equal opportunities for all
  51. …prioritise housing for those who need it most.
  52. …include the diversity of its citizens in making policy
  53. …invest in and provide a thriving and fit-for-purpose health service
  54. …nationalise key industries and services such as rail; energy and broadband and run them for the benefit of our people not profit
  55. …provide a free, world-class education for all
  56. …provide a realistic income
  57. …provide a tolerant, safe, secure and stable environment for all people to grow
  58. …provide housing for everyone
  59. …serve as a moral, ethical and humane example for the benefit of the world
  60. …support her citizens and people to reach and achieve their goals, aspirations or dreams
  61. …treat all its citizens with respect
  62. …try to build a better community spirit
  63. …value its diversity
  64. …welcome, nurture, and support freedom, self-determination and political independence
  65. …will be more transport accessible to everyone over the full country
  66. …will encourage freedom and safety
  67. …will improve on living standards and quality of life for everyone now and in the future